Membership Matters - See the Value of Share Group Membership in our Member's Words!

    It has been a pleasure being able to benchmark with this Share Group – I have fully enjoyed the insights and the relationships that it has brought into my network and knowledge base!
    —Melissa Luken, Unilever

    I have been a member of the MBC Private Label Share Group for two years. Group membership has yielded an invaluable opportunity to acquire the industry’s pulse and for benchmarking industry activities. The new friendships have allowed me to seek advice and opinions from well informed colleagues confronting similar challenges and, in turn, avoid inefficient practices and obstacles. Mike Brouillard is a highly qualified and respected facilitator. Mike has diligently surveyed and disseminated group opinions in a coherent manner. The industry reports and trend information that are made available through membership are very beneficial. The modest investment in time required for preparation and meetings is easily outweighed by the returns. I highly recommend working with Mike Brouillard to establish an appropriate group fit.
    —Paul DaRe Vice President, Sales and Marketing

    Participating in the Marketing Share Group gives me an opportunity to access industry professionals in my field who encounter similar business challenges. It is time well spent to quickly receive feedback, suggestions and referrals while creating valuable connections.
    —Julia Buchanan, Senior Marketing Manager, Niagara Bottling, LLC

    Mike is an excellent facilitator and has been a great help to me over the time I have known him. Aside from his exemplary skills at keeping our meetings relevant, interesting and lively, Mike has been a trusted confidant and perhaps more importantly, has always made himself available to help those needing career advice and hiring advice. I am happy to provide my highest recommendation of Mike Brouillard.
    —Andy Russick, VP of Sales & Marketing, Pacific Coast Producers

    The value and benefits of the Share Group are numerous. Some of the benefits I have seen are Easy access to member community with similar products and experiences that can be used to benchmark current policies or plug into when creating new ones. Our team is currently working on creating new order policies and the group was extremely helpful in letting us know what the industry is doing. This saved countless hours in research. Easy way to monitor and keep current on trends.
    —Kim Shelby, Morton Salt

    With all aspects of the Foodservice business changing daily, it's difficult to grasp all of the aspects in an effort to make meaningful decisions for your company's future. Being involved in a Share Group allows me to discuss and evaluate different perspectives of the business with other companies who are faced with the same challenges. As the industry continues to change so do the variables involved for making decisions that can drive your company's performance and ensure your success. My share group involvement has helpef minimize my decision making risk by maximizing my exposure to other companies in similar situations.
    — T.J. McGrath, Business Development Manager for Foodservice, Bell Carter Foods

    First of all, I love the group! I have been a member for quite a number of years. There are a select few individuals I will reach out to any time I have questions concerning a topic I know they can help address. it is nice having a business professional in the same position I can communicate with to share our experiences, what worked, what didn't, etc. We always find time to connect at the PLMA show as well! The format of the the meeting is very relaxed-- we usually havea guest speaker on a topic we all vote on that is relevant to our industries, and then the second day is all Q&A, the fun part! You make of it what you will, and the more you put in, the more you will get out of it!
    — Annie Owens, Marketing Manager, Interbake

    As the Technical Director for Mario Camacho Foods, I find the Quality Share Group to be a beneficial and profitable use of time and resources. The ability to openly share issues, concerns and solutions among other quality professionals in a non-competitive, non-threatening environment is very useful. Additionally the regular inclusion of expert speakers in topics ranging from Prop 65 to audit schemes is a real bonus. I am pleased to be a member of the group!
    —Perry N. Bratton, Director of Technical Services, Mario Camacho Foods

    I have been a part of MBC's Marketing Share Group for the past 5 years. I have found these sessions to be effective forums for discussing customer specific consumer challenges and opportunitites. They also provide the opportunity to share new ideas and effective tools that other group members are using to add value with retailer partners. In addition, guest speakers who are solicited and screened by group members provide additional value through a wide range of category management and consumer tools. Lastly, these groups provide strong networking opportunities and have been the genesis of new cross company partnerships. I have found these meetings to be well worth the time investment.
    —Todd Phillips, Vice President of Marketing, Shearer's

    Innovative benchmarking, best practices and communication exchanges for opportunities, challenges and issues are experienced at share group meetings. Communications received all year long as Mike sends out very helpful and informative industry information on a regular basis. Each group is made up of talented professionals – smart and savvy and diversified - with very different issues to tackle. I believe the group works well to help develop strategic thinking and mentoring experiences. Mike provides numerous resources and is very pleased to go out of his way to obtain what it is you need.
    —Joni Foley, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, PL Developments

    The MBC Share Groups provide me with invaluable viewpoints to the same customers and issues that I face in managing our private label business across the country. It is extremely helpful to have well respected professionals in our industry in a forum for open discussion of real problems.
    —Tom Ewing, VP of Sales, T. Marzetti

    I find good value in both my time and money in participating in the MBC Share Groups. The meetings are a good format to exchange best practice ideas and share industry trends and benchmarking. Mike Brouillard is also a well versed and knowledgeable GPG facilitator. He is well rounded and understands all facets of the business. Since we meet twice per year, I also find value in all the industry updates and tidbits that Mike shares frequently between meetings.
    —Ron Kerscher, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing, Rockline Industries

    The Share Group provides a great forum to share and solve common problems with a group of very talented people who have a common goal of being students of our industry. Being part of the Share Group has provided me access to a network of talented people who are also seeking solutions to industry problems. Access to talented associates, continuous industry news and information, and the ability to learn from others makes this a tangible positive ROI. In addition to quality discussions at the meetings, I have more than once called the other team members to seek their thoughts on advise on a variety of issues. To be successful in our rapidly changing industry, one must be willing to share and learn from others to address the complex issues we are all facing. The Share Group fits this need. MBC provides a great forum for continuous learning to address the issues and opportunities that I face every day.
    —Larry Hamwey, VP Sales Development, The Jel Sert Company

    There is tremendous value in participating in the MBC Consulting Share Group: from new viewpoints on industry topics to a wide variety of creative solutions to business challenges. MBC has created an atmosphere where idea sharing is encouraged and structured in a very productive manner. I recommend this Share Group for any company that is seeking to successfully navigate the evolving consumer and customer environment.
    —Dave Olson, Vice President-Sales, ConAgra Store Brands

    I have been a member of the MBC Store Brand Sales & Marketing Share Group for a number of years both with my current company which is a smaller family run organization as well as when I was with one of the largest private brand companies. I have gained value from my participation and would recommend it to any progressive thinking supplier looking for insights on the industry best practices, actionable customer news, or simply for ways to improve their organization.
    —Jerry Gilbert, VP Retail Sales, Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee

    I have been involved in Mike Brouillard’s Share Groups for several years. I find the opportunity to freely discuss challenges and opportunities within our industry to be extremely relevant to today’s pace of business. Insights are gained at each and every meeting that allow me to validate my go to market strategies while ensuring that I am within the peer groups best in class practices.
    —Clay Dockery, Massimo Zanetti Beverages

The share group provides a great forum to share and solve common problems with a group of very talented and committed people who have a common goal of enhancing value and results for their companies and trading partners. of our industry. Access to talented associates that are working thru similar opportunities and issues is well worth the time and effort of participation. Industry guest speakers enable us to stay abreast of current trends and needs . In addition to quality discussions at the meetings, I have more than once called the other team members to seek their thoughts on advise on a variety of issues. To be successful in our rapidly changing industry, one must be willing to share and learn from others to address the complex issues we are all facing. The share group fits this need. MBC provides a great forum for continuous learning.
— Eileen Naused, Global Data Administration Manager, Electronic Data Exchange, McCormick & Company

The learning and relationships gained through each meeting are invaluable. Mike continues to share information and insights between meetings, keeping all of us informed and ahead of the curve. I would highly recommend an MBC Share Group to anyone who wishes to develop best practices, gain a better understanding of the retail environment or stay ahead of the professional curve.
— Keith Hill, Director of Brand Management, Land O'Frost

Mike’s experience in the industry enable him to assemble knowledgeable groups in different segments. Meetings are held with good agendas and information exchanged in a professional format.
—Matthew Moore, Senior Vice President Ingredients, Mizkan

I have participated in Mike Brouillard’s private brand Share Group for many years. Mike does a great job of pre-planning and organizing our biannual meetings to maximize our takeaway from these valuable sessions. In addition to providing a unique forum to discuss common challenges and issues that are faced among manufacturers, these sessions also provide an outstanding opportunity for valuable networking within the industry. Another added value provided by Mike is how he facilitates the dissemination of industry briefs and insights which helps participants to be as well-informed as possible.
—Mark W. Leopold, VP of ConAgra Storebrands

Our MBC Share Group participation has been very helpful, especially when dealing process changes at the customer level. Being able to frankly share with other manufactures your challenges in dealing with customer changes and hearing their experience in wrestling with the same problems has allowed us to navigate with more confidence as we make personnel and resource decisions in dealing with these changes. While an extensive network in the industry can function in the same manner, the sizes of the participating companies makes the feedback especially relevant and applicable. I would highly recommend any medium cap, or privately owned large company with growing pains in developing their foodservice GTM strategy take a look at joining the group. Oh, and Mike does a really good job in keeping the group on topic and bring in informative guest.
—John Gaither, Tree House Foods

The Share Groups have been very beneficial in comparing ways that we handle certain challenges in our respective business. I have appreciated the learning environment and shared approach the individuals bring to the sessions.
—Brian Fox, ConAgra Foods

I found the information shared and the contacts made invaluable. I would recommend it hightly to any in-house corporate counsel.
—Laurie Knasel, General Counsel, The Jel Sert Company

The Share Group discussions have been an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, share experience, learn about new tools and capabilities, and brainstorm approaches to common challenges with Demand Planning experts and leaders in the industry.
— Alex Marz, Demand Planning Manager, S. C. Johnson

I appreciate all that is done to put together the share group meetings. The meetings are great and getting better. It may be that I am getting more comfortable as a participant but I got so much out of it. The caliber of people in the room is also amazing. A lot of smart people with great ideas that are willing to share and help one another.
—Jody Starcher, JM Smucker

I have been participating in the Supply Chain Share group for many years. It has enabled significant expansion in my peer network and my understanding of current trends within my profession. The format Mike uses is unique to other round tables or groups in which I have participated. We provide the questions for the agenda and Mike effectively facilitates the meetings so that we have relevant conversations on every topic. There are a diverse group of experts across the many facets of Supply Chain participating allowing for a broad range of conversations. I gain useful insight from every meeting that I can apply to my business model. The format enables effective benchmarking including best practice exchanges with minimal investment of time or money. Overall, it is a great return on my investment.
—Craig Ablin, VP Supply Chain, Lassonde Pappas

I have found the CEO Share Group to be extremely beneficial to our business. We cover topics selected by the group members which has provided me with far more insight and contemporary knowledge than I was able to glean from our Company’s former Advisory Board. Each member of the group goes out of their way to help each other, and Mike Brouillard’s coordination and leadership has ensured that we stay focused on matters of strategic and tactical importance
—Craig M. Smith, Vice Chairman, Mizkan

Ranir has been a member of the HR Share Group for several years. We find the meetings to be valuable learning opportunities. Much of the experiences and approaches taken by member companies has been helpful in shaping the direction of our own HR activities. The members always provide insightful feedback regarding questions / issues that we bring to the meetings. In that way, we find it to be a good sounding board. It is also a good way to learn about best practice. Your approach of identifying a presenter at the meeting enhances the experience. You shape the experience into one that is open, supportive of collaboration and productive. Never, have we felt pressured to engage with any particular presenters business. Ranir looks forward to our continued relationship with you.
—Scott C. Leslie, Human Resources Manager, Ranir

I have been active in the Share Group since it was originally formed. The Share Group has been extremely valuable for me personally as well as my company. The information we receive on a regular basis is both educational and helpful in many areas of our business. The meeting content is always relevant to the current state of the industry. The other benefit is the networking among my fellow manufacturers. Just to engage with other industry associates in a casual setting is rewarding. I have recommended several associates for admittance into the program. I will continue this approach as I feel all manufacturers could gain positive education from the meetings.
—Lynn Hall, Executive Vice President, Ajinomoto Windsor LLC

I have found the MBC Share Group to be very important to my understanding of what impacts consumer product companies beyond my own organization. The discussions have given me additional viewpoints on everyday business but also have helped me formulate strategic directions as customers continually change. We have many similar issues and it helps to be able to discuss them with peers in a professional/business environment.
—Mike Smith, VP, Mizkan

Nestle USA’s participation in the Supply Chain Share Group has been extremely helpful. We are able to share learning and ideas across our organization from the meeting minutes. All the participants are actively engaged, come prepared to the meeting, and there are many new ideas generated. Mike does a great job keeping the group focused on covering all the agenda items. And throughout the year, he provides members with many insightful articles about supply chain and retailing trends which many of my colleagues find useful. I would highly recommend any company that wants to use supply chain as a differentiating facet of their business to participate.
—Miles Gilmore, Customer Supply Chain Manager, Nestle USA

I find my Share Group as an outstanding resource to gain insight on a wide range of topics. Best practices, new approaches to old problems, benchmarking initiatives are common topics of discussion. It also has been a helpful education resource in areas not in my immediate accountability. The camaraderie gained with fellow practitioners also enables for insights throughout the year and not just during our bi-annual sessions.
—Matt O’Connor, VP Supply Chain, Rockline Industries

Participating in an MBC Share Group is exhiliarating. The roundtable format provides opportunities for vigorous business discussion and dynamic exchanges of ideas. Group members willingly engage and provide wisdom and insight in a real world environment. Members are collegial, supportive and are some of the leading thinkers in finance today. The agenda topics are relevant and meaningful and Mike Brouillard ensures that each member contributes and leaves a meeting better prepared to meet the challenges of business.
—Mark Majewski, President, Mizkan