Each meeting involves a two-day commitment incorporating travel, meals, and 8+ hours of idea exchange.

I value the opportunity to freely discuss challenges and opportunities within our industry, and the topics discussed are relevant to today’s business. Insights have been gained at every meeting that have helped me to develop market strategies.

Dan Fitzgerald, Business Development, Idahoan Foods

Day One

  • Morning: Members travel to meeting location
  • Afternoon: Meeting Session
  • Evening: Group private dinner hosted by facilitator

Day Two

  • Morning: Breakfast & Meeting Session
  • Noon: Adjourn & Travel

  • Outside speakers may be invited at the discretion of the group.
  • The next meeting dates, location and focus areas are determined by Share Group members at each meeting

Determine that a Share Group is a good fit for you and your company.

Discuss Share Group benefits with participants of other Share Groups and peers if desired.

Alignment of members in a new Share Group is the responsibility of the facilitator along with member suggestions.

Additional Benefits

  • Facilitator provided information sharing regarding important issues
    • Key customer activity
    • Significant industry developments
    • Marketing, Merchandising, and Category Trend Analysis
    • Economic and Commodity Trend Reports
    • Legal and Regulatory
    • Research Studies
  • Cross-Share Group Interaction
    • Excellent depth and breadth of companies for info and resource access
    • Use other Share Groups for collaborative surveys
  • Member-initiated survey requests
    • Benchmarking- Proprietary Share Group Projects (Link to benchmarking tab)
    • Best practices
    • Collaboration initiatives - customer and supplier focused
    • Service provider resource advice & referrals

www.dropbox.com - members can access our library of information using our cloud system.