Each meeting involves a two-day commitment incorporating travel, meals, and 8+ hours of idea exchange.

It has been a pleasure being able to benchmark with this Share Group – I have fully enjoyed the insights and the relationships that it has brought into my network and knowledge base!

Melissa Luken, Unilever

Day One

  • Morning: Members travel to meeting location
  • Afternoon: Meeting Session
  • Evening: Group private dinner hosted by facilitator

Day Two

  • Morning: Breakfast & Meeting Session
  • Noon: Adjourn & Travel

  • Outside speakers may be invited at the discretion of the group.
  • The next meeting dates, location and focus areas are determined by Share Group members at each meeting

Determine that a Share Group is a good fit for you and your company.

Discuss Share Group benefits with participants of other Share Groups and peers if desired.

Alignment of members in a new Share Group is the responsibility of the facilitator along with member suggestions.

Additional Benefits

  • Facilitator provided information sharing regarding important issues
    • Key customer activity
    • Significant industry developments
    • Marketing, Merchandising, and Category Trend Analysis
    • Economic and Commodity Trend Reports
    • Legal and Regulatory
    • Research Studies
  • Cross-Share Group Interaction
    • Excellent depth and breadth of companies for info and resource access
    • Use other Share Groups for collaborative surveys
  • Member-initiated survey requests
    • Benchmarking- Proprietary Share Group Projects (Link to benchmarking tab)
    • Best practices
    • Collaboration initiatives - customer and supplier focused
    • Service provider resource advice & referrals