Current Share Group Members

Store Brand Group #1

  • Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc
  • Berner Foods
  • Catania Spagna
  • Clearwater Paper
  • Dawn Foods
  • Domtar Personal Care
  • Lassonde Pappas
  • Land O'Frost
  • McCormick
  • Mizkan
  • Mother Parker Tea & Coffee
  • Morgan Foods
  • Niagara Bottling
  • Seneca Foods
  • Tree House Foods
  • Trinidad Benham

Store Brand Group #2

  • Algood
  • Burnette Foods
  • Cherry Central
  • Fieldbrook Foods
  • Fremont Foods
  • Hickory Harvest
  • Hormel
  • Lidestri Foods
  • Lotus
  • Marzetti
  • Merisant
  • National Raison
  • Olds Fitz
  • Paramount Coffee
  • Schulze & Burch
  • Shearer's
  • Sugar Creek Packing
  • Ventura
  • Venus Wafer

Store Brand Group #3

  • Attune Foods
  • Cott
  • Dakota Growers
  • Flagstone Foods
  • Giovanni Foods
  • Interbake
  • Kerry
  • Knouse
  • Lakeside Foods
  • Lassonde
  • Les Plats du Chef
  • Massimo Zanetti Beverages
  • Mercer Foods
  • Nassau Candy
  • Pacific Coast Producers
  • Red Gold
  • Stratas Foods
  • Terressentia


The MBC Share Groups provide me with invaluable viewpoints to the same customers and issues that I face in managing our private label business across the country. It is extremely helpful to have well respected professionals in our industry in a forum for open discussion of real problems.
—Tom Ewing, VP of Sales, T. Marzetti

The informational data supplied to MBC Share Group members is one of the most valuable tools that we utilize on a very frequent basis in our customer and broker meetings. The bi-annual meeting discussion topics are all from the member base and needs. We discuss customer dynamics, customer procedures, market changes and broker market opportunities as well as industry needs, current changes and upcoming opportunities. Our Group is designed and run in a very professional, organized and efficient manner. We never have delays or topics that do not benefit most all of us. All aspects are always timely with no area forgotten or left out. The MBC Branded Share Group has been one of the best programs for Cherry Central that I have ever been part of personally and I recommend your program to many people/companies. I can’t speak more highly of our group in every way and every manner.
— Brent Tackett, National Sales Manager – Branded, Cherry Central Cooperative, Inc.