Current Share Group Members

  • Ajinomoto Foods North America, Inc
  • Continental Mills
  • Gehl
  • Niagara Bottling
  • Rockline Industries
  • Sugar Creek Packing


As the Technical Director for Mario Camacho Foods, I find the Quality Share Group to be a beneficial and profitable use of time and resources. The ability to openly share issues, concerns and solutions among other quality professionals in a non-competitive, non-threatening environment is very useful. Additionally the regular inclusion of expert speakers in topics ranging from Prop 65 to audit schemes is a real bonus. I am pleased to be a member of the group!
—Perry N. Bratton, Director of Technical Services, Mario Camacho Foods

The Share Groups have been very beneficial in comparing ways that we handle certain challenges in our respective business. I have appreciated the learning environment and shared approach the individuals bring to the sessions.
—Brian Fox, Ralcorp

Nestle USA’s participation in the Supply Chain Share Group has been extremely helpful. We are able to share learning and ideas across our organization from the meeting minutes. All the participants are actively engaged, come prepared to the meeting, and there are many new ideas generated. Mike does a great job keeping the group focused on covering all the agenda items. And throughout the year, he provides members with many insightful articles about supply chain and retailing trends which many of my colleagues find useful. I would highly recommend any company that wants to use supply chain as a differentiating facet of their business to participate.
—Miles Gilmore, Customer Supply Chain Manager, Nestle USA