Current Share Group Members

  • Cherry Central
  • Dainty
  • Grande
  • Mercer Foods
  • Morton
  • Mizkan
  • Skodj-Barrett
  • TreeHouse Foods
  • Welch’s


Mike’s experience in the industry enable him to assemble knowledgeable groups in different segments. Meetings are held with good agendas and information exchanged in a professional format.
—Matthew Moore, Senior Vice President Ingredients, Mizkan

The share group provides a great forum to share and solve common problems with a group of very talented people who have a common goal of being students of our industry. Being part of the share group has provided me access to a network of talented people who are also seeking solutions to industry problems. Access to talented associates, continuous industry news and information, and the ability to learn from others makes this a tangible positive ROI. In addition to quality discussions at the meetings, I have more than once called the other team members to seek their thoughts and advice on a variety of issues. To be successful in our rapidly changing industry, one must be willing to share and learn from others to address the complex issues we are all facing. The share group fits this need. MBC provides a great forum for continuous learning to address the issues and opportunities that I face every day.
—Larry Hamwey, VP Sales Development The Jel Sert Company

The value and benefits of the share group are numerous. Some of the benefits I have seen are Easy access to member community with similar products and experiences that can be used to benchmark current policies or plug into when creating new ones. Our team is currently working on creating new order policies and the group was extremely helpful in letting us know what the industry is doing. This saved countless hours in research. Easy way to monitor and keep current on trends.
—Kim Shelby, Morton Salt